Although almost 100,000 are employed in the United States aviation industry, only five groups maintain significant PACs: International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT), Airline Pilots Association (ALPA), ALPA-affiliated United Airlines Pilots, Allied Pilots Association (APA), and the Southwest Airlines Pilots Association (SWAPA). During the course of the latest election cycle, 2008-2010, the ALPA PAC generated $1.5 million, United $223,000, APA $272,000, and SWAPA $170,000. The IBT collected approximately $13 million in contributions; however, their PAC encompasses more than the Airline Division.


For as little as $10 per pay period, the NJASAP PAC can quickly emerge as a well funded committee. As illustrated by the graphic above, if 1,000 NetJets pilots, which is approximately one-third of NJASAP's membership, were to participate, the PAC treasury would grow to more than $520,000 during the course of the next election cycle, 2010-2012. As such, the NJASAP PAC would be projected to emerge as one of the top aviation labor PACs in the industry, exceeding the SWAPA PAC treasury by an estimated $250,000.

Because NetJets effectively controls an estimated 70 percent of the fractional market, the NJASAP membership can be considered the face of professional fractional pilots, and as such, the NJASAP PAC must take the lead in advancing our interests on Capitol Hill. The committee offers the Association an opportunity to support those who support us; however, its financial strength is entirely dependent upon membership participation.
NJASAP members may enroll in the PAC by completing SUBMITTING submitting the NJASAP PAC Automatic Payroll Deduction Form. Feel free to email the committee, pac@njasap.com, with questions.

Editor’s Note: PAC contribution information was obtained from www.opensecrets.org.