The NetJets Association of Shared Aircraft Pilots Political Action Committee, more commonly referred to as the NJASAP PAC, is a nonprofit corporation organized in the state of Ohio to advance the interests of NetJets pilots and the aviation profession; the NJASAP Executive Board voted to approve formation of the NJASAP PAC on Aug. 11, 2010. To a significant extent, the PAC’s goals and the process its leaders will use to identify government officials to support are shaped by the committee’s relationship with the NJASAP Government Affairs Committee (GAC), which is comprised of two groups: The Research and Development Group is responsible for researching pending legislation and potential aviation-related initiatives and drafting responses and proposed changes to the same. The second and perhaps most vital component will take the shape of a Grassroots Group in which specific Congressional delegates will be targeted – especially those deemed labor friendly – and NJASAP members who live in those districts will be asked to help NJASAP secure meetings with these representatives. Making the connection between representative and constituent is the key to a Congressional delegate’s office.

The NJASAP PAC will offer financial support to those representatives who advocate for and vote in favor of our Association’s issues. The GAC will provide recommendations regarding those Congressional delegates to whom financial support should be given and submit the same to the PAC Board of Directors, which, in accordance with the NJASAP PAC Bylaws, is the sitting Executive Board. The PAC BOD will review the committee’s recommendations and determine an appropriate course of action.

The NJASAP PAC was specifically structured to maximize efficiency and to use its financial resources in the most prudent manner possible. For that reason, PAC monies will not be spent on bumper stickers, hats, pins, or other promotional items in support of a particular presidential candidate. To that end, the committee will not officially endorse a presidential candidate. Additionally, the PAC will not pursue an ideological agenda and, as such, will not support candidates based on issues outside of aviation and labor such as gun control, abortion, or border security. What’s more, the committee will not support candidates based solely on their political party; rather, as a bipartisan entity, the committee will support candidates
who support NJASAP. Each PAC member can be confident the committee will not expend funds without fully vetting a candidate or Congressional representative; however, it will gladly answer questions posed by its members relative to how and why PAC money was spent.

The PAC’s primary administrative objective is financial transparency and accountability. To meet this objective, the PAC will publish a quarterly financial statement that features quarterly and year-to-date balance sheets and income statements to its web site. The balance sheet will provide information about the PAC’s financial condition, reporting on its assets, liabilities, and equity, while the income statement will detail donation amounts, operating expenses, interest income, and contributions. The statement will also include information about disbursements made for political purposes, including each recipient’s name, office, party affiliation, and amount contributed. Suggestions for additional information appropriate for inclusion in the NJASAP PAC Financial Report should be emailed to pac@njasap.com.

Because the PAC is connected to NJASAP, it is subject to state and federal laws regulating Union-sponsored committees. The FEC enforces the regulations that govern the establishment and operation of PACs involved in federal elections. The Ohio Secretary of State enforces compliance with state regulations governing PACs involved in state, district, and local elections. The NJASAP PAC is registered with the FEC and the Ohio Secretary of State Campaign Finance Office.

While federal and state laws allow labor organizations to sponsor PACs, Unions are absolutely prohibited from commingling treasury funds with PAC bank accounts. As such, the NJASAP PAC has established a checking account with U.S. Bank that is completely separate from the bank with which NJASAP maintains the Union treasury, Fifth Third Funds.

Business Information  As previously stated, the Federal Election Commission (FEC) strictly regulates PACs, setting limits on donations to candidates, campaigns, and political parties. The Commission requires PACs to report all financial activities, which are made available to the general public. Currently, the FEC oversees more than 4,600 PACs of which approximately 270 are tied to labor unions. Additionally, the Ohio Secretary of State’s office requires PACs to file a variety of paperwork with its State Campaign Finance Office. The NJASAP PAC’s business filing information, Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws, can be accessed at the Ohio Secretary of State’s web site, http://www.sos.state.oh.us/SOS/businessServices.aspx; click on Business Searches, then search by Business Name.

Once a PAC registers with the FEC, it must begin filing informational reports on a regular schedule. The NJASAP PAC filed its first report, FEC Form 3X, on Oct. 15, 2010. The report contained information about NJASAP PAC financial activity that occurred during the time between the official formation of the committee through Sept. 30, 2010, the end of the calendar quarter. The NJASAP PAC is required to provide the Ohio Secretary of State Campaign Finance Office with a copy of each report filed with the FEC. Because 2010 is a federal election year, the NJASAP PAC is required to file post-general and year-end reports with the FEC and Ohio Secretary of State prior to Jan. 31, 2011. All documents the NJASAP PAC has and will file with the FEC can be found on the Commission’s web site, http://www.fec.gov/.

The NJASAP PAC is subject to taxation and compliance with regulations enforced by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The IRS has recognized the committee as a Section 527 Political Organization, which is beneficial because these organizations are exempt from federal income tax, except for investment income, under the Internal Revenue Code. The NJASAP PAC will be required to file informational reports with the IRS beginning in 2011.

Information about the NJASAP PAC as well as required filings can be found on the following web sites:

Federal Election Commission
spacerOhio Secretary of State Campaign Finance

spacer Ohio Secretary of State Business Services